UNIQUE21’s Helpful Guide For Freshers On University Dressing

The time is nearly here for you to pack all your worldly belongings into your friends or parent’s car and make the long and nervous journey to your new home full of new beginnings.

Starting University is a scary and exciting time, it’s where you’ll meet lifelong friends have a lot of fun times and get an amazing degree to top it all off. But when you can’t text your friends you haven’t met yet ‘what are you wearing tonight’ how the hell are you going to know what to wear?

Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our UNIQUE21 guide to Freshers 2018 to help you decide what to wear and make sure you’re looking fresh to death at Uni this AW18 with the checklist of essential freshers looks.


Moving In Day

Top Bershka, Jeans Topshop, Trainers Nike 

You have to get the balance between practical and cute just right with this outfit. Remember you’re going to be squished in the car for a few hours along with what feels like hundreds of boxes and then lugging said boxes from your car up to your new room.

But don’t opt for gym style practical, as you’ll also be bumping into your new roommates and want to make a good first impression.

This outfit needs to be casual and chic as well a breathable – trust us on this one, carrying that box of kitchen utensils up ten flights of stairs with a chunky knit on is not practical or cute.

Denim is always a safe option, try some wide leg cropped jeans with a logo tee and trainers for a vibe that’s effortlessly stylish.


To Your First Lecture

Jeans H&M, Blazer UNIQUE21, Trainers Topshop, Bumbag Nike

Whatever you do, wear comfortable shoes. Because no matter how hard you try you will get lost in the maze of buildings and rooms so will most likely be rushing to get there on time once you’ve asked the third person for directions.

You want to look smart and put together but not too try hard – it’s University after all and not the same as your first day at school.

Make the most of the blazer trend and wear with a basic body and jeans with a pair of killer trainers for a preppy vibe. Add a bum bag round your shoulders for a real on trend look that is sure to get you noticed as the fashionista of the course.


First Night Out

Shoes Dr Martens, Bag Topshop, Jumpsuit UNIQUE21, Lipstick NARS, Earrings New Look

What you’ll quickly learn from student fashion, is that it’s all about comfort. So when you trot off to your first quids in student night or freshers event at the Students Union it’s advisable to ditch your highest heels and go for a more laid back approach.

Go for an easy platform sandal or mule for a look that still gives you a bit of height but with some added edge.

A cute jumpsuit is a great go-to look for nights out as an easy to put together outfit that adds instant glamour without too much stress.


The Morning After…

Hoodie H&M, Cycle short set PrettyLittleThing, Trainers Fila, Socks Fila

When you wake up not completely sure what happened last night, with remnants of kebab from the local takeaway on your desk and last night’s make-up on - then you know you’ve completed the last of your freshers initiation.

So you might not be feeling 100%, but a good outfit here can make all the difference between hot mess and just hot for showing your new BFFs how to work hangover style.

Comfort is key here, so opt for some cycle shorts trainers and oversized jumper to give you an on trend vibe that will help you get through the day.

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